Easy Software Deployment 6.0 Release

Santa just called…
He wants to know if he can deliver his packages with Easy Software Deployment this year. Well, we understand why…
Because, with the integration of our new Package Store, distributing software has just become a whole lot easier!

Easy Software Deployment has been kicking Microsoft’s SCCM shins since its creation. Because, let’s face it; SCCM is a cumbersome, complicated and laborious program.
We wanted Easy Software Deployment to be lightweight, simple and easy to use. We achieved this when both SME and Enterprise organisations became clients.
Easy Software Deployment has now evolved once again with the release of version 6.0.
The benefits for #sysadmins are numerous in this release.
The following three are the main ones.

Easy Software Deployment Package Store advantage #1: even easier

Easy Software Deployment has created a new level of simplicity and convenience by launching the Package Store. This means the roll-out of software and applications is now faster than ever before. No longer do you need to waste valuable time, searching and downloading your software online from suppliers. We have also added installation parameters (such as /s) for you. You are no longer left on your own, struggling to seek out software updates by yourself; we have done all the hard work and taken care of the problem. With a few simple clicks, you can retrieve the right updates for your applications… even easier.

Easy Software Deployment Package Store advantage #2: even more software

The Easy Software Deployment Package Store is full of generic software and applications…ready to deploy! We do all the necessary research work and keep our library up to date for our valued customers. With this ‘done for you’ service, a simple click on ‘deploy’ is all you need.
The list is larger than ever, and new items are being added continuously. Do you want to know which packages are available? You can find our list here.

Easy Software Deployment Package Store advantage #3: even more deployment

Easy Software Deployment is now able to link to another service of ours: Packaging on Demand. This is useful for organisations that want to make specific software and applications available in their Package Store. This means that we make your company-specific software available in the Package store for a fixed amount per package, per month. Believe me, our incredibly low rates will blow your mind!
This way your company-specific software is available to you, along with our generic software, using the same interface. Efficiency is key.
Feel free to submit a request for software and applications that you would like to have made available to you.


Our customers have great success in reducing their management costs and saving valuable time. We are on a mission to help 1,000 new companies to do the same. With the integration of the Package Store, we are taking another step towards achieving the dreams of our target group; complete and professional automation of repetitive IT tasks.

With Easy Software Deployment 6.0, we are ready for 2019.

Blog by Kees Hoving
Kees studied marketing and theology and evangelizes propositions.