We are constantly improving Easy Software Deployment to make it even better. With Easy Software Deployment, it is our goal to be the no.1 deployment solution for SMB. The feedback of clients and prospects helps us to navigate this journey. Today is another step into that direction: we have deployed Easy Software Deployment version 6.1.0.

This is what’s new in 6.1.0.

Package Store

In the version we launched last December, we included a Package Store. The Package Store saves a lot of time as lots of software is just readily there to click & deploy. We have improved the Package Store in the following ways:

  • Multi-selection download from Package Store
  • Packages are now sorted alphabetically by default
  • The screen scroll button (of the Package Store) is now located at the top by default
  • A remarks field has been added to the packages
  • Automatically you’ll receive an email when new packages are added to the store, so you know what’s new

Auto Update Functions

We’ve also added a better way to update both the Manager and the Agents. This cuts out the care of Sys Admins to do this, freeing up more of their time.
Version 6.1.0. comes with auto-update options as follows:

  • The Manager will be able to update itself from now on. Through Help > Update & when starting up, the Manager will check whether new updates are available.
  • The Auto Update Service has been integrated with the Agents so they will automatically update without the need for installing extra packages.

Other improvements

These are some other improvements we’ve made:

  • The ‘dead’ documentation link on the setup screen is solved
  • The Agent section in the Manager is now folded out by default
  • We have made small text changes in the Help > About section
  • Sortings set in the Manager are now saved for your convenience
  • We solved a bug where the Easy Software Deployment Agent can give an error on Server Operating Systems when a delayed reboot is scheduled
  • We squashed another bug; sometimes changes were not applied to INI files
  • All executables are now signed with a certificate in the name of Provolve IT B.V. This results in fewer Windows and virus scanner notifications because the executables are now trusted.

Where do we go from here?

We see a rising demand for a complete cloud version of Easy Software Deployment. Our next big launch will be Easy Software Deployment with full Internet connectivity. Stay tuned. You can try Easy Software Deployment for free.

Or watch a video demo here.


Written by Dereck Breuning
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