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Benefits of the Package Store

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In 2019 we integrated the Package Store into Easy Software Deployment.
Why? And what are the benefits of the Package Store? Keep reading…

Before the Package Store

Before customers could use the Package Store, they often had to source on the internet for generic software. And the new versions thereof. In addition, the system administrators had to provide the correct installation and de-installation commands themselves. That this was a time-consuming activity requires no further explanation.

Our mission is to provide system administrators with more control and insight. This was clearly an aspect that could be done more efficiently. Searching the internet for generic software should become unnecessary. That is why we developed the Package Store.

After the Package Store

The Package Store offers system administrators the opportunity to download and add generic software to the Manager console with a simple click. Subsequently, distribution to the users and systems in the company network is a matter of “deploy”. We have provided all the software with the correct installation and de-installation commands. You can choose from hundreds of software packages, all you have to do is “click & deploy”. It has been a valuable addition to our solution.

Packaging on Demand

It is quite possible that some software within your organization that is not generic but specifically purchased/made for your organization. We can imagine that you would also like to have that software available in your Package Store.
We can provide this through our Packaging on Demand service. This service is offered by Provolve IT; the makers of Easy Software Deployment.

If that’s something you’d like then we will have a conversation to define your wishes and requirements.
Then we (re-) package your software according to these criteria and place it in your own Package Store.

These are the benefits of the Package Store.
You will find a detailed description of how it all works in the user guide.

The list with the contents of the Package Store can be found here.


Easy Software Deployment is a product of Provolve IT.

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