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Editing existing shortcuts

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Editing existing shortcuts

Suppose you’re editing existing shortcuts and the changes are not applied.
Only newly registered users receive the edited/updated shortcuts.

Our response is: this is correct, and should go like this.

The user for whom the shortcut has been made available must log out and log in again for the new settings to apply.
This is because shortcuts are deleted and placed during user login.

In addition, you can only configure managed shortcuts that have been added with Easy Software Deployment.

You can arrange this as follows:

From the Manager console, go to Settings > Shortcuts

Select one or both options to remove all personal shortcuts on user login.
This way you can edit and apply existing shortcuts for users.

Be careful though, because shortcuts cannot be restored after configuring this function!
More about this in the user guide.


Easy Software Deployment is a product of Provolve IT.

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