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Implementing the license

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Implementing the Easy Software Deployment license is quick and easy.
If you follow the following five steps, all will be well.

Step 1 of implementing the license

You will receive the license via e-mail the e-mail address provided by you.
Save the license next to the Easy Software Deployment executable where it is installed or installed.
Then rename it from Companyname.lic to ESD.lic. That keeps it easy for yourself.
In our example, we use a DFS share @ app.localrootESDProgram Files

Step 2

Easy Software Deployment consists of a Manager and individual Agents who execute the commands set in the Manager’s console. Open the Easy Software Deployment Manager console.

Step 3

To deploy all Agents to the workstations, click on the “deploy” button in the console.
See the image below for the correct icon.

Step 4

You can check whether all clients have received the license in two ways:

From the Manager console; open the console and click Help -> About.

And by logging on to a client. You can do this by clicking with the right mouse button on the system tray icon of the Agent and choosing Information.

Step 5

The information is displayed in the following window.
Here you see an overview of some basic things about your license. Here you will find how many licenses you have purchased and how many are active. As well as when licenses expire, etc.

Rest assured, we will contact you in time to ask how many licenses you want to renew for the following year.

This is how the license implementation works.

The Easy Software Deployment Manager can then be started by multiple administrators at the same time. Editing is limited to one admin user at a time.

We continue to add more functions and possibilities to Easy Software Deployment. When we release a newer version you can easily update your licenses from the Manager’s console.

Perhaps it is also good to know that we always offer our assistance with the implementation when you decide to purchase Easy Software Deployment. If you appreciate that, we are happy to do so with an online session. And no, this does not come with extra costs. Implementation, ongoing support, and updates of new releases are all included as standard in the license fee.


Easy Software Deployment is a product of Provolve IT.

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