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Operating system support

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With Easy Software Deployment we offer the following operating system support.
Windows only.

We support all Windows operating systems.

From Windows XP to Windows 10.
From Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2016.

In other words, you cannot use Easy Software Deployment on UNIX, Linux, Mac OS.
Our operating system support is Windows only.

We are not (yet) an MDM solution, so we do not support the mobile operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).
For the time being, it focuses entirely on workplaces in the sense of PCs and laptops.

Also SBC & VDI

Easy Software Deployment also works smoothly on the following systems:

Citrix systems
Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services systems
Hosted desktops

More in the user guide.


Easy Software Deployment is a product of Provolve IT.

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