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Windows Installer error codes

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Regarding the Windows Installer error codes:

These are the lock codes for MsiExec.exe.

When executing a remote command, the Easy Software Deployment Manager will wait and display the exit code for each command. Just like the Easy Software Deployment Manager, the Easy Software Deployment Agent also waits for the exit code for each assignment. All exit codes are registered for troubleshooting. Note that by default only the 0.641, 3010 and 3011 exit codes for the Easy Software Deployment Agent are logged. All other exit codes are registered as failed.

You can change the success and, if necessary, restart the exit codes by opening the installation list using Notepad or another editor and looking for the “ExitCodesSuccess” and “ExitCodesReboot” properties.

You can also check the Microsoft Windows Dev Center website for the well-known Windows Installer Error Codes.
Then you are fully informed.
It’s also a good idea to check our user guide


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