This privacy and cookie statement was last modified on the 25th of May 2020.

Provolve IT B.V. (hereinafter: Provolve) processes personal data. This is done via our websites. Additionally, this privacy and cookie statement also applies to the personal data collected in the context of our offline services. Our software (Easy Software Deployment) runs offline. We do not process personal data about you or your employees via the software. We respect the privacy of our customers and consider the careful handling of personal data to be of great importance.

Personal data is carefully processed and stored securely by us, and we ensure our processing complies with the requirements set by the relevant privacy legislation. This means, among other things, that:

  • we clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data. We do this via our privacy and cookie statement;
  • we limit our collection of personal data to only the personal data necessary for legitimate purposes;
  • we first ask for your explicit permission to process your personal data in those cases where your permission is required;
  • we take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and expect the same of parties that process your personal data on our behalf;
  • we respect your rights, for example, to provide you with your personal data for inspection, correction or deletion.

In this privacy and cookie statement, you can read how we put these core values into practice and respect and protect your right to privacy. We advise you to read this carefully.

Use of personal data

By using our websites and services, you share certain information with us. That may include personal data. We may use the following information for the purposes mentioned in this privacy and cookie statement:

  • name and address details;
  • company data;
  • VAT number;
  • contact details, such as telephone number and email address;
  • IP address;
  • cookie ID;
  • technical details of your device (s), insofar as this may be considered personal data;
  • invoice and payment details;
  • job application details, such as the resume and the contents of the application letter.

The information we collect and use from you depends on the purpose for which we process the data.

Purposes of data processing
We process your personal data for the following purposes:

Via the contact form, you can ask us to get in touch with you, submit a request for a quote, submit a request for a Productivity Snapshot, or leave feedback. For this, we will use your name and email address, the subject and the content of the message. We use this information to contact you as requested and put simply, consider this as an agreement to get in touch with each other and make any preparations to agree to our service. We retain this information for six months after we have last contacted you, or when you are our client, for the duration of the customer relationship.

You can write a review of the services we have provided for you. For this, we use your (company) data, contact details, information about the service purchased and the contents of your review. We collect this information based on your consent. This means that you can always withdraw your review, after which it will be immediately removed.

In some cases, we may wish to publish your review. If we do, we will always seek your specific permission before publication. Again, you can revoke your consent at any time by contacting us, and we will remove the review from our website. We will retain your data for the review for as long as you are a customer with us unless you have made a previous request not to, or you withdraw your consent.

Application Packaging On Demand
You can easily order one-off custom-made applications via Application Packaging On Demand at To facilitate this service, we use your name, company details, contact details, request details, technical information about your device (s) and your invoice and payment information, which forms the basis of our agreement with you. We keep this information until the last ordered Application Packaging On Demand has been delivered and for a maximum of 2 months thereafter. The invoice data is kept for 10 years, this being the fiscal storage period required by the tax authorities.

Test drive Easy Software Deployment
Easy Software Deployment is offline software. You can request a trial here via the website, and we will give you access to a free version of Easy Software Deployment to trial for 30 days. In order to enable us to facilitate this agreement with you, we need you to provide your (company) name and contact details, and we will need to know how many desktops you wish to trial Easy Software Deployment on. After the free trial period has ended, we will offer you a paid license and seek feedback about your experience with the product. We will store this data until 1 year after the trial period has ended.

Easy Software Deployment
Easy Software Deployment is offline software that you can purchase the right to use from us in the form of a license. We do not process personal data via the software, and only check the number of licenses issued out and put into use. In order to be able to provide this service, we use your name, company details, contact details, application details and your invoice and payment details, which form the basis of our agreement with you. We keep this information for as long as you are a client with us, and then for a further 6 months after that. The invoice data is kept for 10 years, this being the fiscal storage period required by the tax authorities.

Package Store
The Package Store offers system administrators the possibility to download and add generic software to the Manager console and distribute to the users and systems within the company network even faster than before. We process your license data online on a subdomain, to enable you to install third-party software.

Remote support
You can submit a request for us to provide remote support, e.g., for technical problems, assistance with installation, or for providing a demo of the software. To be able to provide this service, we will need information from you. This includes your name and contact details, as well as the technical details of the device (s) on which we will provide the support. For remote support, we use a program provided to us by a third party. You will need to install this program on your device, which will enable us access to your device. During the course of providing this service, we may encounter other personal data on your device. We will therefore always ask your permission before the use of this program. Of course, we will not store or process any data that is not needed for the execution of the agreement in any other way than to the extent necessary for providing remote support. We will store this required personal data and the actions performed for as long as you are a client with us.

Job Applications
You may apply for a job with us. When you submit a job application, we will receive your name, contact details, motivation for contacting us and all information from your resume; this is so we can process your application in preparation for the possible offer of an employment contract.

Note: a social media and Google survey may be part of the application process. This is necessary to guarantee our image will be maintained when new staff are hired. We Google your name and profile on various social media platforms, as far as it is publicly available. We will not ask you to grant us access to a protected social media page or to make a connection with us. The results of the research will be discussed with you.

We will save your application data for up to six weeks after the job interview process has been completed. This way we can still contact you if the job is released within the probation period. If we cannot offer you a job after these six weeks, but we expect that a suitable position will be available for you in the near future, then we can – with your permission – keep your application data for another year. You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending us an email.

You can subscribe to our newsletter via our website. We publish this newsletter a maximum of once a week. You will only be added to the list of subscribers with the email address you provided with your permission or by opt-out if you have purchased a paid service from us. In the newsletter, you will be the first to read our new blog, news items, tips and information about our products and services. We keep your email address in the mailing list until you opt out, or up to 2 years after we last emailed you. You can use the unsubscribe option at any time, which will be included in every newsletter. If you use it, you will be immediately removed from the subscriber list.

Targeted advertising
When you provide your information to us, we will use your email address (and phone number) for our marketing campaigns. We have a direct marketing interest in your data and may use it for this purpose. We ensure that any breach of your privacy remains as minimal as possible. This means that we provide your email address (and phone number) in a hashed form to social media platforms so that they can link to your social media account. We then use this link to advertise specifically via these platforms. This will show you the ads relevant to you. You will always have the opportunity to object to this processing. The social media platforms we use are Facebook and Google.

Our employees can assist you remotely with IT problems, and for this, we use the Teamviewer program. With the help of this program, we may be required to consult data on your device. We will only use Teamviewer with your permission, which you can withdraw at any time. You can monitor us while we work from a distance on your device via Teamviewer. We only use the data necessary to solve your question or problem, and only log the executed technical actions. Any personal data will not be stored.

Provolve provides training. When you or your employer purchase a training program with us, we process your data in order to execute this agreement. We want to know who is, or should be included, and therefore process the details of each participant. In order to be able to provide you with this service, we use your name, company details, contact details, application details and invoice and payment details, based on our agreement with you. We store this data for no more than 6 months after the training has ended. The invoice data is kept for 7 years, this being the fiscal storage period required by the tax authorities.

We use cookies on our websites. Cookies are information files that can be stored automatically upon or read from the visitor’s device (such as PC, tablet or smartphones) when visiting a website. This is done via the web browser on the device. These cookies process the IP address, the cookie ID and technical information about the device used so that you can access the website properly. We can also use the data (as described below) from the cookies to personalise advertisements. We use the following types of cookies:

  • Functional cookies: these cookies are used to ensure that certain parts of the website function properly and store the preferences you specify.
  • Analytics cookies: these cookies are used to provide insight into how you use our website. We improve our website and its functionality with this information. 
  • Advertising cookies: these cookies are used to map which website you visit and how you use these websites. In this way, advertisements can be connected to the preferences of website visitors.
  • Social media cookies: social media cookies can be placed by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube.

When you visit or for the first time, we will present a notification with an explanation about cookies. With this, we will ask for your permission to use more than purely functional cookies. If you agree, we may then use the following cookies:


Name Type of cookie Shelf life Website – Storage VS

– Safeguards

More information
Google Analytics Analytics (see below) Per session and up to 2 years

– Yes

– Privacy Shield & privacy friendly set

Google Privacy Policy
Hotjar Analytics Per session and up to 1 year – No GDPR commitment Hotjar
Google AdWords Conversion Advertisement Per session and up to 1 year – Yes

– Privacy Shield

Google Privacy Policy
Google Dynamic Remarketing Advertisement Per session and up to 1 year – Yes

– Privacy Shield

Google Privacy Policy
Google Tag Manager Functional Per session – Yes

– Privacy Shield

Google Privacy Policy
LiveChat Functional Per session and up to 3 years – Yes

– Privacy Shield

GDPR LiveChat
Facebook Connect Social media Per session – No Facebook Data Policy
YouTube Social media and advertisement Per session and up to 1 year – Yes

– Privacy Shield

Google Privacy Policy
LeadFeeder Advertisement Per session a dn up to 1 year – Privacy Shield LeadFeeder Privacy Policy


Delete cookies
Most cookies have a shelf life. This means that they automatically expire after a certain period of time and no longer register data from your website visit. You can also choose to manually delete the cookies before the default period has expired. For more information about this, consult the manual of your browser. Please note: if you refuse the cookies, our websites may not work reliably or as expected.

We have no control over what the providers of the above applications themselves do with the cookies. For more information about these applications and how they deal with cookies, see the privacy statements of those parties (note: they can change regularly).

Social media buttons
We use social media buttons on our websites. If you click on them, you will be redirected to our page on various social media networks. There you will have the opportunity to follow us and to share content within your own network. These buttons work with pieces of code that come from these social media networks, and we have no further influence over this.

Confidentiality & data provision to third parties
We will treat all data collected on our site, or which we obtain through our visitors, with confidentiality. When this is necessary to deliver our services, we may pass on your details to the following parties:

  • ICT service providers;
  • chat function provider;
  • the provider of our CRM system;
  • mail delivery services;
  • external marketing parties;
  • social media platforms;
  • the party responsible for the distribution of our newsletter;
  • cookie service providers (see above);
  • payment service provider

We have an agreement with these parties for the processing of your personal data (a processor agreement). There are also parties that process your data without being given the assignment from us. These are independent managers. Parties to whom we can pass on your personal data are:

  • government services, such as the Tax Authorities.

We take appropriate security measures to limit misuse of, and unauthorized access to, your personal data. In this way, we ensure that only the necessary persons have access to your data, that access to your personal data is protected, and that our security measures are checked regularly. In addition, we use SSL certificates on our websites, so that data and communication can be securely transferred.

Rights of data subjects
You have the following rights with regard to your personal data:

  • you can get an explanation of what personal data we have and what we do with it;
  • you can submit a request for access to the data we process from you;
  • you can ask us to transfer your data to a third party;
  • you can always withdraw your permission;
  • you can submit a request for correction or deletion of your data when they are incorrect or no longer relevant;
  • you can object to a specific use, such as profiling;
  • you can request limitation of processing;
  • you can submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority if you do not agree with the way we process your data.

You can submit these requests via To prevent misuse, we may ask you to provide additional proof to confirm your identity.

Changes to this privacy and cookie statement
If our website or our services change, we must, of course, change our privacy and cookie statement to reflect this. Therefore always pay attention to the date above and regularly check for newer versions. We will do our best to announce each change individually.

If, after reading this privacy and cookie statement, you still have questions or comments, please contact us using the information below.

Provolve IT B.V.
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Telephone          +31 70 8200 360
COC-number     60362421