At Easy Software Deployment, we’re all about easily rolling out software, upgrades and updates. It’s what we do. And we always strive to keep making things even easier. That’s why we want to tell you about automated software deployment.

The sneakernet process is finally a thing of the past, and that is because all computers are not located in the same place. Software deployment is mainly performed remotely anyway. But the other factor is time. You’ll notice hardly any computers are still turned on at 9 a.m. and turned off at 5 p.m. It’s not feasible to roll out your updates in that window of time. Because And naturally, you don’t want to wait until late at night for the last few devices to appear in your update window, so you can quickly press the deployment button.

That’s why you want automated software deployment.

And there are many other reasons to automate this as much as possible too. (Besides, wasn’t our field called ‘automation’? Just sayin’.)

Efficiency is an obvious benefit of automation as you remotely provide users with software, instead of doing it manually. And even if not everyone is on the device at the same time, you can still set it up for all users in at the same time. When someone is back online, the update rolls out automatically. An additional advantage is making the most of your people and their skills so they can focus on other useful things. For example, you can support users in areas where you’re really needed. It’s about the people, after all.

Less manual work means more time for the core business. And we make sure users can work on their computers with satisfaction. With good planning, you can even respond to user needs before they know it’s needed. Proactive is always better than reactive responses. With Easy Software Deployment you can install an update, patch or application using our Scheduling function. This allows you to use the users’ lunch break when the computer is not being used or plan it for end of day.

And remember that by rolling out updates, especially automated security updates, you are once again more assured of a secure system. And you can make sure your users always have the latest versions and functionalities of software. Automated patch management, if you will.

It’s no coincidence that Easy Software Deployment has functionality for automated software deployment so you can “Set it & forget it.” With the Scheduling-function, you can set up software and install or even uninstall on a specific day and time of your choice. In addition to scheduling, you can also set up software on demand so it is readily available for end users who can then choose the best time. That’s what we call being proactive. And our cloud functionality makes it all even easier. Each endpoint can literally perform the task on its own time, which eliminates the need to wait for devices to return to the corporate network.

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