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Do I need infrastructure?

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Do I need infrastructure to use Easy Software Deployment?
We regularly received that question. Probably because this is the case with the heavy SCCM.

Our answer is: very little.
You preferably need two network shares. This for the applications and reports.

Thus, a computer on which the shares are hosted.
And an administrator computer. Think of a desktop, laptop or server.
The latter is to start the Manager so that you can instruct the Agents what to do on the clients for which you are responsible.

To get the most out of Easy Software Deployment, Active Directory is preferred.
From Easy Software Deployment 7.0 you can also use Azure AD. We will release this at the end of March 2020.
That’s it!

Databases and extra servers are not necessary at all.
That’s how we keep things Easy.

You can find more information in the user guide.


Easy Software Deployment is a product of Provolve IT.

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