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License costs and invoicing

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The license costs and invoicing of Easy Software Deployment is simple.

Easy Software Deployment works with a Manager and the individual Agents. The latter only execute commands that are set in the Manager. Every end-point (PC or laptop) needs an Agent, and therefore a license.

A license costs € 1.50 per device, per month on which the Agent runs.

That is € 18 per year per workplace.

This rate is always invoiced annually in advance.
You can find our pricing page here.

More licenses are being used than predicted

It is possible that you need more licenses than you have purchased in advance.
In that case, you know where to find us.
We can increase the license number and calculate it pro-rata until the end date of the first purchase.
This keeps things easy.

However, there is also another scenario that may prevent you from feeling that you are running out of licenses.
For example, you reinstall / re-imaged the devices regularly and old devices are not erased from licenses.
In that case, you will not run out of licenses, it just seems that way.

If that could be an option, check the following.

You can delete unused or old devices from the Manager console:
If the Agent section in the Manager is not expanded, double-click it to expand it.
Right-click Report Directory and click Verify Computers.
The Manager now checks against Active Directory and verifies whether the devices exist.
If devices are found in the Share that is not in Active Directory, you will get a dialog.
Click Yes to remove them from the Share and then delete the licenses.
The dialog box shows whether all devices in the report share are also found in Active Directory.

We are happy to keep the license costs and invoicing of Easy Software Deployment easy.


Easy Software Deployment is a product of Provolve IT.

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