Learn why Easy Software Deployment makes system administrators happy.

Frank van het Hof, IT manager at school community Ubbo Emmius on Easy Software Deployment

School community Ubbo Emmius has eight locations throughout the province of Groningen. Every day, about 3,000 students walk through our doors. Moreover, we have about 500 employees, from teachers to cleaning staff.

Facilitating an IT environment is quite a task. All the locations are connected through an eVPN connection, but the beating heart can be found in Stadskanaal, on the street Stationslaan. This is where I meet Frank to find out how Easy Software Deployment has helped him with his work. Watch the video to learn how… 

"This way, deploying and patching software and applications requires next to no time now. We can work with more flexibility, peace and oversight. Moreover, our systems are much safer thanks to the regular updates."

Frank van het Hof

IT Manager

Ubbo Emmius School

“Thanks to Easy Software Deployment we are able to make the software available on the desktops in a very easy way.”

Facts Ubbo Emmius School:

  • 8 locations in the province of Groningen
  • 3000 students
  • 500 employees
  • 600 devices
  • SCCM difficult

"I've been excited about Easy Software Deployment since I first discovered it. I even use it on my computers at home"

Jeroen Bor

Package Engineer, Application Lifecycle Management


If you are looking for a simple, management-friendly option, then Easy Software Deployment is the better choice. This tool is highly recommended for SMEs, and I expect many schools will also see the benefits of using this software. The biggest advantage is that no servers are needed to use Easy Software Deployment, and this helps to keep your IT costs down. *Disclaimer: as of December 2020 Jeroen is employed by Easy Software Deployment, his customer experience is from 2018.

"Distributing software is as easy as child's play with Easy Software Deployment, and that is why we use it so often."

Dimitri X. van Hoven

Senior System Engineer

Clingendael Instituut

It is a well-known fact in IT that a system administrator likes to get a job done as quickly as possible, so we were looking for a package that could easily deploy the software we needed. This was all the more important as the connector required regular updates. Disabling our clients all at once while we rolled out updates was not an option. After a conducting a quick Google search the results returned with Easy Software Deployment.